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Crepe Paper Tube

CREPE PAPER TUBEm   Description:   Multi layers of electrical grade crepe and kraft paper for insulating leads in oil filled transformers.   Features: ●Insulation class A (105 °C) ●Direction of crepe paper is transversal. ●The end of the last layer is bonded only. ●Excellent compatibility with insulating liquids (mineral oils, silicon oils and ascerol oils).   Available: ID.3/16" to 5" Standard Wall Build .040" - .060" - .125" - . 185" - .250"          Specifications of Crepe Tube:     Construction: KV Breakdown in Oil: .040" wall 4 layers 26.2 KV .060" wall 6 layers 40.3 KV .125" wall 10 layers 57.9 KV .185" wall 15 layers 78.0 KV .250" wall 20 layers 104.0 KV   


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