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Transformer Plywood

  TRANSFORMER PLYWOOD    Description   Plywood is produced by gluing together, in high temperature (145-150ºC) and under high pressure (6-12 MPa), beech veneers 2 mm thick bonded with special phenol-formaldehyde resin. Structure of transformer plywood can be crossed when the grain in neighbouring layers is at right angle and parallel with the grain laid parallel in each layer.    Features   Excellent dielectric and mechanical properties   Applications it is widely used for production of power transformers.   Available Standard sizes  1500 x 1000 mm 1000 x 1500 mm          2000 x 1000 mm       Tolerances of length and wild of the panels: 0,5 ± mm Thickness: 5-120mm cross build 15-120mm parallel build Technical Data


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