Brief Introduction of NHN Nomex Paper


NHN Nomex Paper is Laminates of 2 layers of aramide paper (Nomex® ) bonded to one layer of special polyimide film (Kapton).
About the NHN Nomex Paper:
Ideally suited for a variety of temperature ranges and applications, laminate insulation products based on Nomex paper help enhance the performance and reliability of rotating machines.
Compared with the NMN insulation paper, the difference is the film, NHN use the polyimide film, about this polymide film,it exhibits an exceptional combination of thermal stability , mechanical toughness, and chemical resistance. They have excellent dielectric properties and inherently low coefficient of thermal expansion.
NHN Nomex Paper has a heat resistance grade of H grade, has good dielectric properties and mechanical properties, and is excellent in mechanical properties at high temperatures and after damp.

NHN Nomex Paper
Main advantages of NHN Nomex Paper:
1. Excellent mechanical properties: such as good tensile strength and edge tear resistance, electrical properties, dielectric properties, mechanical toughness, chemical compatibility, thermal conductivity, radiation resistance,
2. Low moisture absorption rate, good moisture resistance
3. Has excellent insulation properties.
4. Insulating paint infiltration effect is strong.
5. Add some heat-resistant organic fiber, long-term withstand voltage at high temperature, excellent flame retardant and flame resistance, thermal stability, heat resistance and thermal conductivity.
6. the material is safe and non-toxic, and the shaping effect is excellent.